Backed by recommendations and research

Our guidance is based on established recommendations and extensive research. Omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA are among the most extensively researched nutrients, with a wide range of documented significant health benefits. Research is based on omega 3 in general, the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA or important vitamins naturally occuring in cod liver such as vitamins D and A.

Natural and healthy

All our omega 3 products are in natural triglyceride form (DHA + EPA) from fish, in contrast to many products which are in synthetic ethyl ester form. The raw material is gently processed to preserve the level of healthy nutrients that give optimal health benefits. The marine omega 3 in our products is rich in DHA and EPA, the best documented essential fatty acids in the world. 

Safe products

All our products are safe to use, due to high quality raw material, advanced processing, strict quality controls and exceptional purity levels. It is important that you follow the daily recommended intake or recommendations from your doctor in order to not surpass the maximum recommended levels of vitamins. We recommend that children below the age of 10 take omega 3 in liquid form instead of capsule form. However, the child's capacity to swallow capsules might vary from child to child.