Health Professionals

There are several reasons for health professionals to safely recommend Möller’s products:

Documented effect - Möller’s products are rich in the essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which are among the most extensively and clinically established nutrients in the world. DHA and EPA have documented effects on the heart, circulation, brain and sight.  All Möller's products offer a generous amount of omega 3. Most of our products are also rich in the important vitamin D, which is essential for the optimal development of the bone structure.

Natural, pure and safe - Möller's use omega 3 in natural triglyceride form instead of synthetic ethyl ester form. We also use the best raw material and processing methods to secure pure and fresh products which are completely safe.

Unique experience and know-how - Möller’s has developed and distributed high quality products for over 150 years, which is longer than any of our local or international competitors. We therefore have a unique experience and accumulated level of know-how. 

In-house competence - Möller’s has in-house Development and Quality departments with a unique level of competence. They are dedicated to stay abreast of all relevant research and use their competence proactively in order to provide high quality products as well as internal and external education. They also ensure strict quality control by following well established routines.

Initiator for studies and research - Our Development department is an initiator for general omega 3 studies and research as well as clinical studies on Möller’s own products. We have several clinical studies that document the effect on Möller’s products, especially Möller’s Cod Liver Oil.