The latest studies on Omega-3

Axellus - Möller's Omega-3 health conference held on 30.1.2013

Speaker: Lead Researcher Medical Doctor Professor Christian Drevon, University of Oslo, Department of Medicine. 

Brief CV of Speaker
Professor Christian Drevon, an active researcher within the fields of medicine and nutrition for 45 years, and has more than 555 articles published/submitted in international journals and books. His research spans the areas of molecular nutrition with special focus on fatty acids, including omega-3 fatty acid, and fat-soluble vitamins. Moreover, he has been actively studying diet in relation to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolism, genetics and fetal development. 

He has trained 65 master students, 26 PhD & 10 postdoctoral fellows. He has also been a very active communicator of modern nutrition to the public via talks, interviews, consultant for the industry and he has had columns in some of the largest Norwegian newspapers.

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