New standard ensures safer fish oil

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Möller's Omega-3 DNV Award

New Standard Ensures Safer Fish Oil

Möller's Double

Möller’s introduces a new standard for fish oil capsules, developed and certified by DNV GL. Consumers can now rely on third party assurance that the fish oil is of a high quality and levels of environmental toxins have been checked. 

Until now it has been hard for consumers to navigate in the fish oil market. The quality of fish oil varies, and not all products provide health benefits. With a wide range of products to choose from, and no official standards or parameters to benchmark quality, consumers have had no means of distinguishing high quality fish oil from lesser ones.

Möller’s, the omega-3 brand from Orkla Health, has provided fish oil to consumers since 1854. The company has now taken another step to demonstrate the quality of its products through the launch of a new comprehensive industry standard, which is also available for other producers.

– We see increasing number of requests from consumers about the traceability of the products, its origin and quality. Through the new product certification mark from DNV GL, consumers can be confident of the high quality, says Henning Søgaard, CEO of Orkla Health.

The new fish oil capsules from Orkla Health – Möller’s double – will be in stores this fall.
The mark will serve as a guarantee for high quality fish oil with very low levels of eventual environmental toxics. In addition, the fish oil has high levels of the natural form of omega-3 (triglycerides).

The standard has come about through a long collaborative process between professionals in Orkla Health and DNV GL. A series of analyses and audits have been performed throughout the production process, from manufacturing to encapsulation and packaging. DNV GL has audited the factories and their quality management systems, in order to certify that the products comply to high standards.

Complex food value chains require new standards “The increasing complexity and size of the international food value chains result in an increased demand for food safety and quality certification,” says Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL-Business Assurance.

In EU alone there are around 12 million producers of agricultural products, which again is being processed by 300 000 food and beverage companies. The food processors then sell their products through 2.8 million companies within the food distribution and food service industry to EU’s 500 million consumers.

“The need for third party certification and verification of products to ensure its reliability is an upwards trend that will increase. This new standard for fish oil jointly created with Orkla will greatly benefit consumers and contribute to improve the reputation of the industry as a whole,” ends Mr. Crisciotti.

About DNV GL

DNV GL is a world-leading certification body. We help businesses assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains through certification, verification, assessment, and training services.
Within the food and beverage industry, we help customers worldwide to achieve excellence in food safety and quality, environmental management, supply chain management and product sustainability. Partnering with our customers, we build sustainable business performance and create stakeholder trust.
The DNV GL Group operates in more than 100 countries. Our 16,000 professionals are dedicated to helping our customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.

About Möller’s
Möllers is one of the consumer oldest brands in the world going stronger than ever. The pharmacist Peter Möller founded the brand in 1854. As from its early start, Möllers still is characterized by Peter Möllers passion for improving people’s health through proper nutrition and good information. This also comes forth in our vision: “Möller will contribute to improving public health through omega-3 high quality “. Today Möllers is represented both by Möllers Tran (CLO), Möller Twist (Finland) and several fish oil capsule products. Our ambition is to develop products that people really need and that proves to give a positive health effect

About the standard; STP-CE_PC_AGRO 65
The DNV GL mark confirms that:
• the product has minimal levels of environmental toxics
• the product has low oxidation levels, i.e. that the oil is not rancid.
• the product has high concentration of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA
• production, analyses and control mechanisms are reviewed and approved by DNV GL through a comprehensive annual audit of all production and packaging units.

Studies on rosehips and joints

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Studies on rosehips and joints

A study conducted at the Parks Institute in Copenhagen shows that rose-hip powder can improve mobility for people with sore and stiff joints. The study was published in the spring of 2014.

The interest in rose hips has increased over the past few years. Historically, this plant has been used through the centuries to help against including the common cold, but several studies show that rose hips also have an effect on the joints.

Challenges related to tender and stiff joints are the most common cause of impaired mobility among the elderly. The new study was performed on 150 people and found that a dose of 3 capsules of the new and improved Litozin with Rosenoider is just as good as taking six capsules of the old product. This is due to the new and better formulation. The results of the study showed that the participants had an average reduction in discomfort in the knees of 29% after 12 weeks of use. The study was published in the International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology in April.

About Litozin
A Scandinavian Research project, together with seven published scientific studies, show that rose-hip powder contributes to the maintenance of healthy and flexible joints and good mobility. Litozin is a standardized rose-hip powder produced from the shell of the rose hip to a subvariety of Rosa Canina. Litozin contains Rosenoids, which are the optimal combination of several active substances such as vitamin C, and other ingredients. These active substances work together through various mechanisms that are favorable for the joints. No single ingredient will give the same optimal effect. In 2013, more than 20 million daily doses of Litozin were consumed in Europe.

Möller's Tran celebrates 160 years

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Möller's Tran celebrates 160 years

160 years in the favor of the people
The jubilee occasion is to be marked by an extensive campaign and a brand new Möller's film.

Cod liver oil is a traditional remedy in Norway that dates back many centuries. In medieval days, cod liver oil was used as medicine, for instance as a salve and later to prevent rickets. Peter Möller was the one who really opened people’s eyes to the health benefits of cod liver oil. Using a new method, he succeeded in producing cod liver oil with a totally different taste and quality than earlier products, thereby making this valuable remedy far more accessible to the public at large.

“This year is the 160th year since Peter Möller introduced Möller's Tran to the Norwegian market. On this occasion, it is natural that we widely celebrate one of Norway’s oldest branded products,” says Katherine Hushovd, Möller's Tran Product Manager.

The campaign this autumn is being run under the slogan “160 years of serving the public”, to highlight the significant contribution that Peter Möller made to Norwegian public health. Not only did the apothecary Peter Möller make cod liver oil more accessible, he also saw to it that those who were going to sell it received proper training and information.

The king of health

“Since the 1850s, life expectancy has increased by 30 years – from less than 50 to the current expected life span of around 80 years. While we at Møller's Tran can’t take credit for that, we have helped to make Norway healthier. Given the strong focus on health, we hope that even more people will realise that cod liver oil is one of the healthiest remedies that you can take to stay well. All year round,” says Katherine Hushovd.

*To commemorate Peter Möller, the company is distributing 160 healthy prizes identified by a code on the label of 160 bottles of cod liver oil. Shops are also handing out special royal corks that fit the cod liver oil bottle, symbolising the “king of health”.

Read more about the campaign at (in Norwegian only).

*Exclusively in Norway.

Möller's Tran

Möller’s Tran is the primary, best known nutritional supplement in Norway. The cod liver oil is made from Norwegian Arctic cod from Lofoten and Vesterålen. Cod liver oil contains high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids from Norwegian fish and vitamins D, A and E. More than 150 million spoonfuls of cod liver oil are consumed every year. Cod liver oil is the only food supplement that is recommended by Norwegian health authorities, and more than 1,000 omega-3 studies have documented its positive effect on health.


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  Möller’s Cod Liver Oil was recently certified by the environmental organisation Friend of the Sea indicating that Axellus, which manufactures Möller’s Cod Liver Oil, complies with the organisation's requirements for sustainable fishing and responsible processing throughout the value chain.

Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is made of fresh liver from sustainable stocks of Arctic cod, also known as spawning cod. The fish are caught in the rich fishing grounds off Lofoten and Vesterålen. The production of cod liver oil dates all the way back to the founding of the Peter Möller company in 1854.

"I am proud that Axellus has been certified by Friend of the Sea. We have long experience, and it is important to us to act responsibly at every step in the value chain. This certification confirms that the work we do meets a high standard", reports Shaher Yar Khan, Group Operations Director and COO at Axellus in Oslo.

Friend of the Sea is a non-profit organisation intended to preserve biodiversity in the ocean and to promote sustainable development for the production and sale of marine products. This means that the ocean and biodiversity should be taken into account throughout the value chain.

The certification applies to Axellus which is working on tasteless, odourless Omega-3 oil for the corporate market. 


Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is a unique combination of natural Omega-3 from fish and vitamins D, A and E. These nutrients are important for optimal development and to help keep you healthy. Thanks to its positive effects on health, the Norwegian health care authorities recommend a daily dose of cod liver oil from the age of 4 weeks and for the rest of people’s lives. Each year, Norwegians consume about 100 million teaspoons of Möller's Cod Liver Oil.


Axellus is one of the Nordic countries' largest suppliers, marketing a wide range of nutritional supplements and health products. The company manufactures well-known brands such as Möller’s Cod Liver Oil, Gerimax, Nutrilett and Maxim. Axellus is owned by Orkla, and is the result of a merger of the companies Peter Möller, Collett Pharma and Danish Droge. The products are primarily sold through the grocery store channel, health food shops and drugstores.

Möller's Cod Liver Oil Tested Free of Banned Substances

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Möller's Cod Liver Oil Tested Free of Banned Substances

Möller's Cod Liver Oil has recently been evaluated by HFL Sports Science, a leader in banned substance testing, and has passed a comprehensive analysis which includes testing for banned substances, prohibited steroids and stimulants.


HFL Sports Science, a world class sports doping control laboratory, certifies that supplements and/or ingredients have been tested for banned substance. It is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products. Testing is carried out to standards described by the governing bodies of world sports.


Möller's Cod Liver Oil have passed and have been shown to contain no banned substances.

"Michelin stars" for Möller's Cod liver oil

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"Michelin stars" for Möller's Cod liver oil

iTQi is the leading independent Chef- and Sommelier- based organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior tasting food and drink from around the world. 

Judges are selected within the 12 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations such as the Maîtres Cuisiniers of France and Belgium, Academy of Culinary Arts, Hellenic Chefs' Association, Académie Culinaire of France, Verband der Köche Deutschlands, Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, the Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros of Spain, Federerazione dei Cuochi Italiana, Portuguese Chefs Association, Årets Kock of Sweden, Euro-Toques and the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI). 

The Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition based upon the blind judgment of Chefs and Sommeliers who are opinion leaders and experts in taste. 
- We know of course that our products taste great, but to have over 60 of the most critical taste experts in Europe taste our products and give us this recognition, is excellent, says Central Brand Manager Caroline Wadahl Uhlen. She was in Brussels to receive the prices in the end of May.

Caroline with Möller's Cod Liver Oil Natural and iTQi awards

ITQI Superior Taste Award 2010 - Möller's Tran
ITQI Superior Taste Award 2013 - Möller's Tran
ITQI Superior Taste Award 2015 - Möller's Tran

World Oceans Day

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   World Oceans Day

On the eve of World Ocean Day, Shanghai Morning News reporter crossed over the Arctic Circle to report on Norway’s super large fisheries industry.

Morning News reporter Yu Wenyan reporting from the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands, Norway 

Today is World Oceans Day. This year's theme is: oceans and sustainable development. One of the richest countries on earth, in terms of marine resources, is Norway, which boasts a world-class fishing industry. Across the Arctic Circle, a visit to the Lofoten Islands helps one understand how Norway takes measures to preserve marine resources through sustainable development. Norway sets restrictions on the total cod and other fish caught, and fishing vessels over 24 meters in length are fitted with GPS devices to track sea fishing record catches. Those caught over-fishing face revocation of fishing permits and other punitive measures. In addition, trawling and other mass fishing practices are prohibited. These measures help to ensure the sustainable development of fish and other marine resources.

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