Möller's Tran celebrates 160 years

160 years in the favor of the people
The jubilee occasion is to be marked by an extensive campaign and a brand new Möller's film.

Cod liver oil is a traditional remedy in Norway that dates back many centuries. In medieval days, cod liver oil was used as medicine, for instance as a salve and later to prevent rickets. Peter Möller was the one who really opened people’s eyes to the health benefits of cod liver oil. Using a new method, he succeeded in producing cod liver oil with a totally different taste and quality than earlier products, thereby making this valuable remedy far more accessible to the public at large.

“This year is the 160th year since Peter Möller introduced Möller's Tran to the Norwegian market. On this occasion, it is natural that we widely celebrate one of Norway’s oldest branded products,” says Katherine Hushovd, Möller's Tran Product Manager.

The campaign this autumn is being run under the slogan “160 years of serving the public”, to highlight the significant contribution that Peter Möller made to Norwegian public health. Not only did the apothecary Peter Möller make cod liver oil more accessible, he also saw to it that those who were going to sell it received proper training and information.

The king of health

“Since the 1850s, life expectancy has increased by 30 years – from less than 50 to the current expected life span of around 80 years. While we at Møller's Tran can’t take credit for that, we have helped to make Norway healthier. Given the strong focus on health, we hope that even more people will realise that cod liver oil is one of the healthiest remedies that you can take to stay well. All year round,” says Katherine Hushovd.

*To commemorate Peter Möller, the company is distributing 160 healthy prizes identified by a code on the label of 160 bottles of cod liver oil. Shops are also handing out special royal corks that fit the cod liver oil bottle, symbolising the “king of health”.

Read more about the campaign at http://www.mollers.no/konkurranse/ (in Norwegian only).

*Exclusively in Norway.

Möller's Tran

Möller’s Tran is the primary, best known nutritional supplement in Norway. The cod liver oil is made from Norwegian Arctic cod from Lofoten and Vesterålen. Cod liver oil contains high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids from Norwegian fish and vitamins D, A and E. More than 150 million spoonfuls of cod liver oil are consumed every year. Cod liver oil is the only food supplement that is recommended by Norwegian health authorities, and more than 1,000 omega-3 studies have documented its positive effect on health.