Studies on rosehips and joints

A study conducted at the Parks Institute in Copenhagen shows that rose-hip powder can improve mobility for people with sore and stiff joints. The study was published in the spring of 2014.

The interest in rose hips has increased over the past few years. Historically, this plant has been used through the centuries to help against including the common cold, but several studies show that rose hips also have an effect on the joints.

Challenges related to tender and stiff joints are the most common cause of impaired mobility among the elderly. The new study was performed on 150 people and found that a dose of 3 capsules of the new and improved Litozin with Rosenoider is just as good as taking six capsules of the old product. This is due to the new and better formulation. The results of the study showed that the participants had an average reduction in discomfort in the knees of 29% after 12 weeks of use. The study was published in the International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology in April.

About Litozin
A Scandinavian Research project, together with seven published scientific studies, show that rose-hip powder contributes to the maintenance of healthy and flexible joints and good mobility. Litozin is a standardized rose-hip powder produced from the shell of the rose hip to a subvariety of Rosa Canina. Litozin contains Rosenoids, which are the optimal combination of several active substances such as vitamin C, and other ingredients. These active substances work together through various mechanisms that are favorable for the joints. No single ingredient will give the same optimal effect. In 2013, more than 20 million daily doses of Litozin were consumed in Europe.