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    Möller's history

160 years of experience and commitment

Norwegians have been producing and exporting cod liver oil for more than 1000 years. But it was not before 1645 it was reported that cod liver oil could be used to prevent and cure disease. At the end of the 18th century the first scientific article was published to support this. 

In the middle of the 19th century, the pharmacist Peter Möller observed that people along the west coast of Norway consuming cod liver oil regularly were rarely ill. He dedicated himself to finding out how this healthy liquid could be produced with better taste and pureness at a lower price. He developed a method of using steam to extract the oil from fresh cod livers. Based on this technological advance, the company Peter Möller was founded in 1854 in Lofoten on Norway’s arctic coast, where you find pure, cold, clean seas and high quality raw material. 

Peter Möller's

Peter Joachim Möller (1793-1869)

At first Möller’s Cod Liver Oil was believed to be a good source of vitamin D and A, and the health benefits were associated with these vitamins. Peter Möller believed, however, that there were other significant benefits from fatty acids and other ingredients in the cod liver oil – both known and unknown. Peter Möller was dedicated to understanding more about these benefits. His dedication and commitment is clear in Möller's vision to improve people’s health by delivering the highest quality omega 3 products. 

Striving for excellence

Ever since the establishment of the Möller’s, the history has been one of improved processing and methods in order to improve the quality, purity and taste of Möller’s cod liver oil. Based on these principals, the company has also expanded its core competence to include a range of other quality omega 3 products. 

Today, Möller’s delivers high quality products that far exceeds national and international standards and industry benchmarks. This is achieved by several purification and refinement steps and by strict quality control throughout the entire value chain. 

1793 Peter Möller is born in Røros, Norway 26 April.
1819 Peter Möller travels to Christiania (Oslo) and is employed by the pharmacist Frantz Peckel at the Svane chemist. He is employed on condition that he passes his pharmaceutical exam within one year. 
1822 Graduated as a pharmacist with a unanimous first grade and with the award of the Professor's special satisfaction.
1842 Together with professors A. Holst and Chr. Boeck, Peter Möller participates in the commission which develops the first Norwegian Pharmacopoeia.
1853 Peter announces his method to cod liver oil works along the coast. He equips cod liver oil factories with new equipment in Lofoten, Ålesund and Kristiansund. The facility outside Ålesund is the most important for testing the method. 
1854 The Peter Möller company is established as production has started at the three factories. Sales are lower than anticipated even though the quality is considerably better with the new method. The consumers of cod liver oil had been used to the fact that “good medicine must taste bad” and would not believe that the new and better quality was as healthy. Therefore, the following years are used to introduce consumers to the product, and also to convert more producers to the new method. 
1869 Peter Möller dies. There are 70 cod liver oil steamers which use his steam rendering method, and 5000 barrels are produced every year. Möller’s company increases the quality by better routines for quality controls.
 1870 Severin A Heyerdal, Möller’s son-in-law, assumes the leadership of the firm after Peter's death. He continues the work by improving the quality of the cod liver oil. The goal was to make it as pure and unaltered as in the liver. At this time, Möller had already started selling its product in the USA. In 1870, WH Schieffelin & Co. ("The oldest drughouse in America") was engaged by Peter Möller in the USA. 
1881  Frantz Peckel Möller assumes the leadership of the Peter Möller company. He saw it as his duty to further the work on cod liver oil, and through a combination of solid scientific education and an eminent sense of the great mercantile possibilities, he made Möller’s cod liver oil the number one in the world market. 
1914 The first world war leads to Möller’s bottled cod liver oil being shut out of the export market. However, domestic sales are good.  
1924 The subsidiary Møystad Möller & Co. is established for bulk exports and the Association of Medicinal Cod liver oil Exporters is established in Bergen in 1925. 
1925/26 The green bottles are introduced. Medicinal cod liver oil exports remain almost constant, while total Norwegian cod liver oil exports increase.
1938 The factory on the Løren grounds in Oslo, Norway is built. The factory is in the same place today. Peter Möller’s Pharmaceutical Laboratorium A/S is also established to separate out the scientific business. Investment is made in a new facility for refining and bottling veterinary cod liver oil, and increased production of industrial cod liver oil.
1940 The outbreak of the 2nd world war sees exports fall dramatically, while cod liver oil’s significance as a dietary supplement receives increased attention. Domestic sales increase strongly.
1945 After the war, medicinal cod liver oil retains its high status as an important dietary supplement in the “rebuilding" of the country. Cod liver oil becomes an ”emergency product in ravaged areas where the supply situation is difficult. Competition from other countries such as the USA, England and Iceland increases, and Norway no longer dominates the market.
1983 Möller’s cod liver oil in capsule form is launched and palatable cod liver oil is launched.
1990 Peter Möller A/S merges with Orkla Borregaard A/S (now ORKLA).
2005 Peter Möller merges with CollettPharma. The new company is called MöllerCollett. 
2007 Merger between MöllerCollet and DanskDroge. The new company is called Axellus.

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