Quality raw material

It is essential to use the best raw materials to get the highest quality products. Möller's has accumulated unique experience for over 160 years of making cod liver oil and fish oil, and therefore knows a lot about the best raw materials; where to source it and how to get the best quality end product.

Wild Norwegian Arctic cod

Möller’s Cod Liver Oil comes from wild Norwegian Arctic cod (Skrei) caught in Lofoten and Vesterålen, on the arctic coast of Norway. This is where you find the world’s purest seas. 

The liver of the wild Norwegian Arctic cod is excellent raw material due to the size of the liver, its richness in omega 3 essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and vitamin D. The cod migrates from the Barents sea to spawn in the waters by Lofoten and Vesterålen. The spawning time is from February – April, when the cod is caught by local fishermen. The spawning stock is above the precautionary limit and one of the best regulated fish stocks in the world. 

The cod is delivered daily to the local fisheries in Lofoten and Vesterålen and processed within 24 hours. The unique quality of the raw material is preserved by world class processing and quality assurance at all stages in the value chain.  

Fish oils

The fish oil used in our omega 3 capsules is produced from cold water oily fish such as anchovies and sardines caught off the coast of South America. 

This is where we find the best oily fish stocks, which offer the best quality omega 3 oil, rich in DHA and EPA. This is due to the water temperature, the migratory patterns of the fish and because they eat a special type of plankton. 

After the raw oil is shipped to Norway, the oil is finally refined at Möller’s factory in Oslo, Norway. The oil goes through strict purification processes and is controlled for a range of factors, such as omega 3 content, oxygen levels and purity levels.

Before the oil is used in our products, it must pass our internal quality requirements. In fact, our requirements are much stricter than those set by the authorities. We can therefore guarantee that the fish oil used in our products is of very high quality. 

The fish oil is concentrated to a level of about 60% to ensure products rich in high quality omega 3. Many products in the market are made of 30 % fish oil, which makes it necessary to take more capsules to reach the same amount of omega 3. The fish oil used for all our products is in natural triglyceride form.