Strict quality assurance

Unique competence

Möller’s has been building unique competence for over 160 years!

Our Development department is committed to stay abreast of international omega 3 research, initiates clinical studies on omega 3 and Möller’s own products and develops formulas based on evolving consumer needs. 

We also have our own nutrition experts who visit health stations, participates at health congresses and work proactively to share valuable competence. 

Strict quality controls

Our in-house Quality department ensures that established quality routines are followed at all steps in our value chain to secure well-tasting, fresh and pure products. Tests are done for values such as oxidation values, omega 3 content and vitamin levels. 

Our internal standards for purity levels far exceed the levels set by the authorities. The Quality department also makes sure that we follow the rules and regulations for dietary supplements in all the markets where we are present. 

In addition, we have a professionally trained Sensory Panel that daily tastes all of our lot numbers as a final quality check before they can give authorization for release of the products. 


 Highest Purity
  • Arctic Cod used to produce Möller's cod liver oil comes from the cleanest seas in the world where the level of toxins and other impurities is minimal. 
  • Möller's products are subjected to additional purification processes - in order to remove all adverse substances.
  • The most advanced technologies is used in order to reduce environmental pollution, ensuring complete safety of Möller's omega-3.
  • Möller's products are regularly analyzed and the results of all tests meet European limits and more stringent internal limits are adopted for Möller's standard.