How to choose the right omega 3?

We have established 3 simple rules on how to choose the right omega 3:

1) 1 g of marine omega 3 per day

It is recommended that you take 1 g of marine omega 3 every day to keep healthy. 

Check yourself: You can see from the nutritional facts on the packaging how much omega 3 the product delivers per daily dose. 

2) Omega 3 rich in DHA and EPA

DHA and EPA are the most important omega 3 fatty acids. DHA and EPA are found in marine omega 3 and have the best documented beneficial health effects of all omega 3 fatty acids. Most omega 3 products in the market clearly state the amount of omega 3 per daily dose. However, it is important to look specifically for the amount of DHA and EPA. 

Check yourself: Serious producers state how much DHA and EPA the omega 3 product contains on the packaging (nutritional facts). If you cannot find DHA and EPA on the packaging, the product probably does not contain these essential fatty acids. 

3) Natural triglyceride form

We recommend that you take marine omega 3 (DHA and EPA) in triglyceride form. This is natural in contrast to ethyl ester which is synthetically produced. A lot of omega 3 products are in ethyl ester form as this is a cheaper way of processing omega 3. 

Check yourself: The natural forms of marine omega 3 are called triglyceride in technical language. This can be difficult to check on your own, but some producers state this on the packaging. If in doubt, call and ask your supplier.