Catrine Rivedal

Power Yoga requires moving joints – that is the reason why I take Litomove® with rosehip

Catrine lives in Sweden and is 48. She is a life coach and is driven by the desire to make people feel better. She likes to network and bring people together. “It can lead to new business acquaintances, friendships or just a good time”, she says.

“I like to contribute, give something of myself, and share my network with others. It means a lot to me that I can make people feel good and my business ideas and relations are always based on the notion of sharing and giving” says Catrine who has recently qualified as a life coach.

To be an ambitious entrepreneur like Catrine is hard work. Her demanding job requires nutritious food, a good night's sleep and a good physical condition.

“I'm trying to work out a few times a week and right now I have found a fantastic yoga teacher, which makes me more than happy to drive one hour each way to get there”, says Catrine.

A few years ago Catrine started experiencing numb fingers once in a while. Among other things she found it harder to hold a needle and thread when sewing, and her hand and fingers felt tired when she used a pen to write.

Several years prior, Catrine had heard of the rose hip based powder Litomove® and the effect it can have on the joints and therefore decided to start eating rose hip regularly.

“It is important for me to be able to train and to enjoy the positive impact it has on my body. Exercising gives me an energy boost and a sense of well-being. I like to keep the mobility in my joints as long as possible. Doing power yoga requires physical strength as well as flexible joints. That is the reason I take Litomove® with rose hip” says Catrine.


Winning with rose hip

Kristina lives in Norway and has worked as a nurse in the Ambulance Flying Unit for almost 22 years. She is 56 years old and 10 years ago she started experiencing discomfort in her joints – especially in the wrists, but the knees were also bothering her. Her mother and other family members had been experiencing similar conditions, so her problems did not really come as surprise to her. “This is what I can expect, I can’t do anything about it, other than to try to live with it”, she told herself. But her brother in law was about to change this.

He is a guitar player and had been having the same kind of occasional stiffness in his fingers. However, he had found out that by taking rose hip in form of Litomove®, he could keep playing guitar as he always had. He recommended Kristina to try it out, and she did. However, this is not all she did. She also participated in a Litomove® marketing campaign and was lucky enough to win an entire year’s supply of Litomove®.

“And I, who had never won a lottery, suddenly became the owner of a carton of rose hip capsules”, she says excitedly. “Sometimes I can be very cost-conscious, now there was certainly no reason not to continue Litomove®”.

It has now been 3 years since Kristina won the lottery. But it only took 3 weeks before she could feel a difference from taking Litomove®. The discomfort in the joints was minimized, which made her job easier. Being a nurse onboard a plane can be very demanding when lifting and supporting the patients within the confinements of a small flight cabin. With the help of rose hips from Litomove®, Kristina can keep doing the job she loves.

“As a nurse I am trained to think rationally, and it is difficult to tell if something works while you’re taking it. One time however, I forgot my capsules during a 10 day vacation and the joint discomfort started to return. Then I was convinced that it was the rose hips that made all the difference.”

“I know it is important to take good care of my joints, not just by taking rose hip with Litomove®, but also by protecting the joints with warm clothing during the months of winter.”

“I feel lucky that I can continue to have healthy joints. In a way it is like winning the lottery with Litomove®.”

Mr. Zhang, NTU Student

Pain Free with Litomove®

I have suffered from debilitating pain in the jaw joint for more than a year due to severe teeth grinding during sleep. Over the course of the year, I have taken most if not all of the conventional prescription painkillers available. I firmly rate litomove as comparable to the strongest of the painkillers I have taken.

Furthermore, as lito
move is formulated from purely natural ingredients, it produces no side effects and does not weaken over the course of dosage as most pharmaceuticals do. In fact, litomove' analgesic effects become stronger when used regularly. I have been on litomove for over three months now and am now both pain and painkiller free.

I am profoundly grateful to Aacrix Global for returning me the energy and vitality that I once had.

Thank you very much.